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Q:        What is the purpose of an environmental site assessment?

A:        The purpose is to determine if a particular parcel of real property (including improvements) is subject to recognized environmental conditions. The recognized environmental conditions which could arise from past and/or current property usage from the site or surrounding properties.



Q:      Why do I need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?

A:        The Phase I ESA is intended to satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the innocent landowner defense to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). It states that all appropriate inquiry (AAI) into the previous ownership and uses of the property has been made and is consistent with good commercial or customary practice.


 Q:       What is the difference between a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and a Phase II?

A:       The Phase I Standard (ASTM E 1527-05) does not include sampling or testing. It involves four (4) components: Records review, site reconnaissance, interviews and evaluation of report. A Phase II involves sampling and analyses, typically justified from the results of the Phase I.


Q:        Who is qualified to perform a Phase I?

A:        The ASTM E 1527-05 standard and the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Final Rule, effective Nov. 1, 2006, defines an environmental professional (EP) as someone who:

    • holds a current Professional Engineerís or Professional Geologistís license, or current registration from a federal, state, tribal or U.S. territory government and has the equivalent of 3 years of  full-time relevant experience; OR
    • is licensed or certified by the federal government, state, tribe, or U.S. territory to perform environmental inquiries as defined by the  AAI rule (Section 312.21) and has the equivalent of 3 years of full-time relevant experience


Q:        How long is a Phase I report valid?

A:        In accordance with the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Final Rule, the final engineering report is valid for one year, with some updates required after 180 days.


Q:        Is an asbestos inspection part of a Phase I?

A:        No. It is considered a non-scope issue but may be requested.



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