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Q:Can HAZCLEAN perform a mold study to identify the mold that is growing in my home?
A: Yes, HAZCLEAN can provide full investigative services to determine airborne and surficial concentrations of fungus and bacteria identified in the residence.
Q:Can HAZCLEAN identify a fungus if I tell you what it looks like?
A: A visual description of fungus is not sufficient to identify a specific genera or species of visible fungal growth. A sampling program must be performed to identify all fungal growth.
Q:I have a black fungus growing on my wall. Is this that toxic-type (Stachybotrys) that I’ve seen on television and read in newspapers?
A: A sampling of the material would have to be collected and cultured and identified by a qualified mycologist (scientist specializing in identifying fungal growth) to provide an identification of this growth.
Q:How do I know if I have mold growth in my home and what caused it?
A: Have you had any recent water damage episode such as a leaking pipe, leaking roof or other obvious water intrusion into the inside of the building and a saturation of building materials? Also, has this wet building material been left for over three (3) days without any attention?
Q:If I have mold growth in my home, how do I know if it is affecting my health? I have been experiencing headaches, rhinitis, burning eyes, and other ailments. Could this be caused by mold?
A: Only a qualified examining physician can identify if mold problems are associated with health problems. HAZCLEAN’s reports provide information to an examining physician to assist in diagnosing these conditions.
Q:Can HAZCLEAN help provide remediation of mold-damaged and contaminated building materials and systems?
A: HAZCLEAN can provide professional environmental engineering services and recommend quality environmental remediation contractors to assist in clean up of mold-contaminated building materials and building systems.
Q:Can I keep my mold-damaged clothing and furnishings in my residence after I have discovered a mold problem?
A: HAZCLEAN will work with a qualified professional cleaning service in determining if items can be salvaged or if they have to be discarded due to mold damage as observed and determined by the Indoor Air Quality Investigation program.
Q:Will my home be 100% mold free after remediation and by installing filter equipment in my air conditioning system?
A: Fungus is a naturally occurring organism that is present in the ambient environment with the risk of exposure at all times. A home cannot be guaranteed 100% totally fungus free due to routine living conditions involved in everyday life.
Q:How much does it cost to provide an indoor air quality investigation of my home for mold contamination?
A:HAZCLEAN’s professional investigation services cost a minimum of $2,700.00 and are based on the need and requested analytical services for identification of mold growth within a building. These services include a laboratory analysis report identifying airborne and surficial fungal growth, and bacteriological growth. HAZCLEAN conducts an inspection of the air conditioning system to ensure that it is functioning properly, and an inspection of the building to determine water intrusion and water damage. A final engineering report is submitted with findings and recommendations that can be utilized by physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, and remediation services to assist the client in restoring the building to a safe and healthy environment.



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