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Q:My workers have been complaining about possible exposure to dust in their work place. Should I just automatically fit them with respirators?
A:No. The first adjustment should be engineering controls, i.e., adding or modifying the exhaust system.
Q:I’ve received a letter from OSHA that one of my workers has complained about an unsafe condition in the workplace even though I see no problem. Am I obligated to do anything?
A:Yes. You must address the concerns mentioned in the OSHA letter. Usually OHSA will give you a deadline for your response. The response should include what you have done to correct the situation. This may involve hiring a consultant to inspect the complaint or it may include in-house changes.
Q:What will an OSHA audit do for me?
A:The OSHA audit will address not only safety issues but also reporting requirements as mentioned in the 1910 OSHA Guide.
Q:Where can I find information on toxic and hazardous substances that I may have in my workplace?
A:You may find information in OSHA 1910.1000, Subpart Z-“Toxic and Hazardous Substances.”
Q:When are respirators to be implemented in the workplace?
A:They should become part of you program when engineering controls are not sufficient to reduce exposures to or below the permissible exposure limit.
Q:What can I do to ensure my workers that they are not being exposed above the permissible exposure limit?
A:You should conduct exposure monitoring under conditions which represent the worker’s daily exposure (Sample results should be based on an eight (8) hour time weighted average (TWA).



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