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Q:Who is required to make a SARA 313 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Report?
A:This includes Private Sector facilities with Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes of twenty through thirty-nine (20-39) and those facilities with ten (10) or more full time employees equivalent to a total of 20,000 work hours per year and they must either manufacture or process, or otherwise use these chemicals in excess of their threshold limits. Additionally, it includes federal facilities that are owned or operated by executive branch agencies. There are no restrictions based on SIC codes. It also includes laboratories, prisons, parks and hospitals.
Q:What are the chemical thresholds that trigger SARA 313 TRI reporting?
A:For a SARA 313 chemical, a facility meeting all criteria must file a Form R report, or Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) report for that chemical if it: manufactured (including import) more than 25,000 pounds per year or processed more than 25,000 pounds per year, or otherwise used more than 10,000 pounds per year of the chemical exceeding the threshold quantity.
Q:What are the categories of processing activities?
A:Processing includes the preparation of a SARA 313 chemical product for further distribution into the commerce system; using the material as a reactant to manufacture another substance or product; adding the material as a formulation component, incorporating it as an article component; or repackaging the material for distribution.
Q:What constitutes the “otherwise use” category?
A:“Otherwise using” is any activity that is not manufacturing or processing. Examples of this are: chemical processing aids, e.g., solvents; manufacturing aids, e.g., lubricants or refrigerants, or ancillary activities – chemicals used to remediate wastes.
Q:When are the Form R Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Report forms due to the United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and State Agency?
A:The Form R TRI reports are due to the USEPA Regional Office, and also the State Environmental Agency, no later than July 1st of each calendar year.
Q:What is the Form A?
A:The Form A is the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Short Form, which is for facilities that process material in excess of the threshold planning quantity but did not release more than 500 pounds of TRI material per any calendar year. The amount of TRI chemical that is managed onsite cannot exceed 1,000,000 pounds per calendar year.



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