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Experience, knowledge, performance, results: these are the cornerstones we build upon every day at HAZCLEAN. Our success in environmental engineering results from a commitment to total compliance management. We identify real and potential needs, design cost-effective solutions and implement corrective and preventive programs.

HAZCLEAN's strategic and tactical planning results in flexible operating permits and permit modifications that reduce downtime and minimize constraints for future expansions and production.

Air quality issues affect almost every industry and remain at the forefront of public and regulatory discussion and scrutiny. Regulatory agencies continue to mandate increasingly stringent emissions guidelines, requiring repeated changes in industrial operations and manufacturing processes.

HAZCLEAN serves as an effective liaison with state and federal environmental officials, successfully guiding companies through the complexities of permitting and regulatory requirements. Over the years, HAZCLEAN has established a respected, professional relationship with regulators that accelerates the permitting process and helps control permitting costs.

For more than 20 years, HAZCLEAN principals have provided complete wastewater services to industrial facilities nationwide. We help clients plan for and achieve compliance through the evaluation and design of advanced treatment systems. HAZCLEAN can design new systems or upgrade and retrofit existing systems to satisfy an industrial specification or to achieve regulatory compliance.

We also plan and implement extensive treatment system evaluations, including recommending practical pretreatment alternatives that allow companies to comply more easily with discharge requirements. Our experienced engineers troubleshoot operational variances to ensure that discharge standards and limits are maintained.

HAZCLEAN performs site investigations for industrial and commercial properties. The investigations characterize and assess the conditions of the site, determine the degree of contamination and recommend innovative, cost-effective remediation strategies that utilize the latest technologies. This approach provides practical "regulatory friendly" solutions for our clients. In addition to industrial site investigations, we work with commercial lending institutions and real estate developers to provide environmental audits that screen for environmental liabilities such as asbestos and lead-based materials.



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